Gutter guards or NO gutter guards in Calgary

LAST UPDATED: February 2023

Tired of clogged eavestroughs? Are gutter guards a solution to your problem?

The first thing to remember: there is almost nothing maintenance-free. Please don’t fall for those marketing tricks about the guards. There is no “set it and forget it” type, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. The only way it works is if your property doesn’t need gutter guards anyways. Funny, eh? So if there is anything besides water that gets into your gutters, you would have to keep cleaning your guards and, most likely, the gutters too. Check the photo above. That’s one of the gutter guard CLEANING JOB we had to perform.

We know of 5 different types of gutter guards:

  1. Mesh gutter guards
  2. Bottlebrush gutter guards
  3. Screen gutter guards
  4. Foam gutter guards
  5. Reverse curve gutter guards

Things to research when you are thinking about gutter guards:

  • What trees are clogging up your rain gutter system? Pines are so much different from maples.
  • What is the problem? Is it leaves and twigs OR pine cones and needles? Maybe it’s very fine birch seeds or annoying ash tree seeds.
  • Will this guard stop your trees from getting into your eavestroughs and downspouts?
  • Will water from the roof still get into your eavestroughs? Because remember: the main function of the rain gutter system is to ‘direct the water to a suitable disposal site where it will not damage the structure and foundation of the building’.

Adding the guards will cost you, probably even more than you think. If you call us to clean your eavestroughs and they have guards, we’ll charge more, because it’s more work. Sometimes, it’s 2-3 times more work, because we have to remove the guards clean your eavestroughs, clean the guards, and install them back on.

What do we suggest?

  1. Trim the trees, that are close to your roof. Trim them as much as possible. Yeah, we love them too but they are bad for gutters.
  2. Clean your gutters regularly.

That’s simple.
No, we are not trying to trick you to call us more for cleaning 🙂 We make money on installing and cleaning gutter guards too, so you will call us anyways. However, our houses have no gutter guards, think about it.

Contact us, when you are ready for your next cleaning in Calgary.

Not convinced yet? Research more: read other articles and watch Youtube videos. For example:

Why hire ‘Gutter Cleaning on a Budget’ for your eavestrough cleaning needs?

A small but dedicated family business. We are in the TOP THREE gutter cleaning companies in our beautiful city, and #1 by volume of eavestrough cleaning jobs in Calgary. Thank you, YYC. We’ve been working hard to achieve and sustain this status. We guarantee that your gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts will have no clogs after our appointment. Plus, we can double the lifespan of your gutters.

Wonder if you can trust us?
Over the years, we helped CEOs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT-specialists, tradesmen, and even some local celebrities. We helped single moms, retirees, new homeowners, and a lot of other people who are not comfortable with heights or don’t have enough knowledge of rain gutter systems. That means you won’t be among the first hundred customers that trusted us, but we are very happy to work for you anyway 🙂

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