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    We are a small family business, so there are no bosses and no extra costs. However, we take a lot of pride in our work.

    We’ve been on rooftops, ropes, and ladders since 2008. 14 years of broad experience in Calgary and the surrounding area. We are WCB insured and finished ‘Working at height’, ‘Fall protection’, and ‘Ladder safety’ training.
    In the lawn care business, we are in our 3rd year with 90% of returning customers.

    WCB insured.
    Registered and professionally trained.
    • Regulated by provincial safety standards.
    Clean ‘police criminal check’ report.
    First Aid trained.
    We are Eco-conscious and Eco-friendly.
    Known for honesty and punctuality.

    We provide official invoices with the GST number. We accept e-transfers and cash, but NO personal cheques.
    We are kids and dogs friendly, and respectful to your neighbours.

    Our chief and Public Relations specialist Olga is always ready to answer your call, message, or online inquiry.

    At the same time, our field fleet is always prepared to get another job done.