Let’s talk ladder safety for DIY gutter cleaning

LAST UPDATED: February 2022. Before you start, you must know how to properly position a ladder. In a perfect world, the feet of the ladder should be one foot from the house for every 4 feet of vertical height (measured from the ground to where the top of the ladder touches the house). Make sure it … Read more

How to clean eavestroughs by yourself in Calgary: 4 quick checkpoints

LAST UPDATED: Feb 2022. Follow these checkpoints:1. Pick the right equipment: Ladder, thick rubber gloves, bucket.2. Pick the right time.3. Pick the right weather.4. The cleaning. 1. Pick the right equipment.Your local home hardware store will have everything you need. Make sure your ladder is the correct size. A 1-story house needs a pretty short ladder, … Read more

Gutter guards or NO gutter guards in Calgary

LAST UPDATED: Feb 2022. Tired of clogged eavestroughs? Are gutter guards a solution to your problem? The first thing to remember: there is almost nothing maintenance-free. Please don’t fall for those marketing tricks about the guards. There is no “set it and forget it” type, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. The only way it works … Read more

6 SIGNs that your gutters in Calgary need us

Rainwater is overflowing from the roof. Your eavestroughs (gutters) are sagging. Your siding has stain marks. Plants are growing in the gutters (eavestroughs). You can’t remember when they were cleaned the last time. Water drips through gutter (eavestrough) joints or downspout joints. Please contact Gutter Cleaning on a Budget if you see any of these … Read more

6 reasons why you should hire us

LAST UPDATED: Feb 2022. You should hire Gutter Cleaning on a Budget if… You are not comfortable with heights. You don’t have a tall enough ladder: a 2-story house usually needs 30 ft ladder to reach the gutters safely. Your time is more expensive than ours: with the preparation, it’ll probably take you 5 – 6 … Read more

HOW do we clean eavestroughs on your house: 6 easy steps

LAST UPDATED: Feb 2022. Gutter Cleaning on a Budget follows this routine: Perform a roof and edges ASSESSMENT: what’s safe, what is not, what needs attention. Take pictures of any deficiency. Vacuum or scoop out everything from the GUTTERS (eavestroughs). Check for any obstruction for the flow to get into DOWNSPOUTs. Check all downspouts for drainage, … Read more