Best deep Gutter cleaning in Calgary 2023

A small but dedicated family business. We are in the TOP THREE gutter cleaning companies in our beautiful city, and #1 by volume of eavestrough cleaning jobs in Calgary. Thank you YYC. We’ve been working hard to achieve and sustain this status. We guarantee that your gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts will have no clogs after our appointment. Plus, we can double the lifespan of your gutters.


No time to read? Let’s cut to the chase.
We’ll clean your gutters & downspouts:

  • 15+ years of experience

  • guarantee: CLOG-FREE

  • 360-Safety: trained and insured

  • flawless reviews

  • speedy estimates (AI-assisted)

Receive a warm thanks from your house, after getting the gutter cleaning done by a local leader

Allow us to turn your dangerous and time-consuming household chore into a convenient service appointment. You don’t even have to be at home for our visit. We’ll get it done with proven results, and we’ll send you breathtaking photos from the height of your roof edge. Our affordable rates beat competitors’ prices.

Take advantage of our FREE no-obligation quote offer for Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestermere areas. Order cost-efficient gutter clearing by skilled technicians with professional tools. We provide quick online or on-site estimates. In addition, we offer FREE bird nest** removal with every cleaning package.

Wonder if you can trust us?
Over the years, we helped CEOs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT-specialists, tradesmen, and even some local celebrities. We helped single moms, retirees, landlords, tenants, new homeowners, and a lot of other people who are not comfortable with heights or don’t have enough knowledge of rain gutter systems. That means you won’t be among the first hundred customers that trusted us, but we are very happy to work for you anyway 🙂

free gutter window cleaning quote calgary

1. WHAT to expect from our visit

  • Professional and friendly attitude.
  • Insured and safety-approved with the ‘360-Safety‘ program.
  • We are Eco-conscious and Eco-friendly. Chemical-free cleaning so pet- and plant-friendly.
  • We use different cleaning methods, picking the safest and most efficient for your property.
  • In our tool belt: the old-fashioned manual scooping, a powerful leaf blower, and a rigorous pressure washer.
  • If your roof can’t be walked on, we can access it from the ground with our top-notch high-suction gutter vacuum (which reaches up to 4 stories high).
  • Collaboration with landlords, property management, and businesses.
  • Same-day service and 1-day urgent gutter cleaning might be available.
  • We do downspout repair & maintenance. Installation, extension, and replacement.
  • ‘Friendly neighbour’ discount: convince your neighbour to get 10% off.
  • Special rates for bungalows and 2-story houses.
  • 100% SATISFACTION guarantee and CLOG-FREE guarantee

In addition to:

  • NO surprises on the bill. We discuss the price before we start. No hidden costs.
  • NO student labour. We believe that anyone who works with ladders or at heights has to be mature and very responsible.
  • High-pressure cleaning, but NO high-pressure selling. NO up- or cross-selling either.
  • NO disappearing after you have paid. We are not a ‘one-season gig’, so even after we are done, you can easily find us and get in touch.
the Best gutter & window cleaners in Calgary in action

We specialize in quality cleaning but might be able to perform some light repairs too. Yes, we have to charge extra for that. However, we’d like to emphasize: cleaning is cheaper than big repairs, so it pays off to be proactive. Are you ready to take action? We have basic inexpensive packages and more tailored options.

Our cleaners deal with any kind of roof: from flat to steep. Shingles, cedar shakes, metal, or tile roofs – we have worked with them all. We are experienced with 1-story and 2-story houses, and any walk-outs. Property management, strata, and home associations are common things for us too. We’ve got cleaning procedures for every one of those.

We know the best ways to clean your gutters, and we’ll help you to save money. We use a variety of equipment: from the old-fashion ladder and scoop combo to a powerful gutter cleaning vacuum & wand when we clean your eavestroughs from the ground without even stepping onto your roof. Here in Calgary, we use the famous SkyVac Interceptor vacuum system, which can reach up to 4 stories (50 ft) with no ladders and still have high suction power.

Impossible gutter cleaning? If someone has declined your property, stating the job is too complicated or hard, give our experts a chance. We like challenges and should be able to help.

When is the best time to clean gutters? What time of year? As professionals, we recommend annual gutter cleaning at the very least. Twice per season if possible. Spring and fall (before the temperature gets below 0) are the best time for it. If you have a lot of trees around your house (especially spruce, birch, ash, or maple), every month or every second month will be ideal. If you clean gutters more often than once per season, we offer discounts.

2. HOW MUCH does gutter cleaning cost in Calgary in 2023
more here…

We provide free quotes and different service packages from very economical to luxury.
No surprise on the bill. Three straightforward combinations, only pay for what you really need.

gutter cleaning packages calgary
free gutter window cleaning quote calgary

Is it too expensive?

…Gregg, a homeowner in Calgary, called us to a 2 story custom home to clean the gutters. We quoted his house for $200+.
After the job was finished, we sent the “after” pictures to Gregg and asked if he was satisfied before producing the bill. The homeowner replied that he was very pleased and will pay right away because the last time this cost him over 3,500 dollars.
How was that possible?

Every fall Gregg would clean his rain gutters by himself. However, last year something went wrong.
The ladder that he was climbing to get to his garage gutters slipped. Gregg lost his balance, fell down, and broke two ribs and his right thumb. The ladder also fell onto his wife’s car, damaging the hood and a fender. He had to miss days of work and repair the car, which ended up costing him over $3,500.

In Canada, it is estimated that around 14,000 workers are injured annually due to falls from height accidents, the majority of which involve ladders. There are also hundreds of injuries suffered by homeowners each year as a result of ladder accidents. In 2020, there were 161 fatal work injuries from which ladders were the primary source.

Still think it’s too expensive to call the pros? Would you want to pay that other price instead?

3. WHY are they so important

satisfying gutter cleaning

DID YOU KNOW: water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims, accounting for more damage than fire and theft combined. In fact, a recent study determined the average cost of a flooded basement in Canada to be $52,000. Willing to pay that price?

GUTTERS, EAVESTROUGHS, and DOWNSPOUTS are some of your home’s silent heroes and essentials. Accordingly to Google: one inch of rainfall on an average roof generates over 7,000 liters of water; all of which must be moved away from your premises to avoid flooding or water damage.

We’ll help you with your property maintenance. We are well-trained skilled cleaners with professional equipment. Please remember that it’s cheaper to maintain your eavestrough system than to repair it.

4. Our knowledge & expertise

A complete gutter cleaning GUIDE (2023)

6 signs that your gutters need us…

– Rainwater is overflowing from the roof.
– Your eavestroughs (gutters) are sagging.
– Your siding has stain marks.
– Plants are growing in the gutters (eavestroughs).
– You can’t remember when they were cleaned the last time.
– Water drips through gutter (eavestrough) joints or downspout joints.
Contact us if you see any of these signs. We will be happy to assist you in Calgary and the surrounding area.

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Let’s talk ladder safety for DIY gutter cleaning

How to clean eavestroughs by yourself in Calgary: 4 quick checkpoints

Follow these checkpoints:
1. Pick the right equipment: Ladder, thick rubber gloves, bucket.
2. Pick the right time.
3. Pick the right weather.
4. The cleaning.

1. Pick the right equipment.
Your local home hardware store will have everything you need. Make sure your ladder is the correct size. A 1-story house needs a pretty short ladder, just make sure not to set it too steep and level it properly. A 2-story house is a more serious job, and you will need a 30 ft ladder, so make sure you know how to handle it before you start. Maybe you should use a helper for this one? A 2-story house with a walk-out? You will need a 40 ft ladder, that is a big job even for the professionals, we usually use 2 technicians to do that.
Get thick rubber gloves, as eavestroughs and roof have a lot of sharp edges and nails.
A plain bucket will make your job so much easier. Collect dirt and debris from the eavestroughs into the bucket and dump it into a garbage bag after.
There is one more tool that we use every single day, but my colleague calls it a ‘job security’ because it makes the cleaning go faster, so we are not ready to tell you about it just yet. Maybe in one of the next posts 🙂

2. Pick the right time.
Right time of the year – fall season when leaves dropped down already, right time of the day – any time in the daylight.

3. Pick the right weather.
Never work in windy weather, and make sure there are no precipitations.

4. The cleaning.
A. Check and clean the eavestroughs around the house.
B. Make sure all downspouts flow freely and unclog them if needed.
C. Cleanup after yourself.

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6 reasons WHY you should hire us to do that…

You should hire Gutter Cleaning on a Budget if…
– You are not comfortable with heights.
– You don’t have a tall enough ladder: a 2-story house usually needs 32 ft ladder to reach the gutters safely.
– Your time is more expensive than ours: with the preparation, it’ll probably take you 5 – 6 hrs to do your eavestroughs. How much does your hour cost?
– Who likes to clean his own gutters? Ask if our gutters are always clean 🙂
– WE CAN DO IT SAFELY: we work with ladders and at heights every day; we have special training, ‘360-Safety’ program, and special gutter cleaning tools.
– We are WCB insured, so if we get hurt, we’ll be getting paid while recovering. Will you? How expensive can that be?
Contact us if you are ready. We will be happy to assist you.

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Gutter guards or NO gutter guards in Calgary (YYC)…

Tired of clogged eavestroughs? Are gutter guards a solution to your problem?

The first thing to remember: there is almost nothing maintenance-free. Please don’t fall for those marketing tricks about the guards. There is no “set it and forget it” type, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. The only way it works is if your property doesn’t need gutter guards anyways. Funny, eh? So if there is anything besides water that gets into your gutters, you would have to keep cleaning your guards and, most likely, the gutters too. Check the photo above. That’s one of the gutter guard CLEANING JOB we had to perform.

Things to research when you are thinking about gutter guards:
-What trees are clogging up your rain gutter system? Pines are so much different from maples.
-What is the problem? Is it leaves and twigs OR pine cones and needles? Maybe it’s very fine birch seeds or annoying ash tree seeds.
-Will this guard stop your trees from getting into your eavestroughs and downspouts?
-Will water from the roof still get into your eavestroughs? Because remember: the main function of the rain gutter system is to ‘direct the water to a suitable disposal site where it will not damage the structure and foundation of the building’.

Adding the guards will cost you, probably even more than you think. If you call us to clean your eavestroughs and they have guards, we’ll charge more, because it’s more work. Sometimes a lot more.

What do we suggest?
-Trim the trees, that are close to your roof. Trim them as much as possible.
-Clean your gutters regularly.

That’s simple.
No, we are not trying to trick you to call us more for cleaning 🙂 We make money on installing and cleaning gutter guards too, so you will call us anyways. However, our houses have no gutter guards, think about it.

Contact us, when you are ready for your next cleaning in Calgary (YYC).

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HOW do we clean eavestroughs on your house? 6 easy steps…

HOW OFTEN should I clean my eavestroughs? 1, 2, or 3 times a year…

A rain gutter (eavestrough) is a component of a water discharge system for a building. It is necessary to prevent water dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner for several reasons: to prevent it from damaging the walls, drenching persons standing below or entering the building, and to direct the water to a suitable disposal site where it will not damage the foundations of the building (C) Wikipedia

Here in Calgary, the recommended gutter cleaning schedule is TWICE a year (spring and fall), if your budget allows you to do so.
If you can only afford to do it once a year, do it after leaves fall, but before water starts to freeze and breaks eavestroughs and/or downspouts. That’s where it gets tricky in the Calgary area. A very rapid fall season messes up all the plans usually. A lot of times the air temperature drops below zero and it starts to snow before leaves fall. So you call us to clean your gutters, but we can’t because they are full of ice and snow.

Another thing to keep in mind is the surrounding of your house. Quickly answer these questions:
-Are there trees close to your house?
-Do you or your neighbors have a pine, an ash, a maple, a birch tree?-
-Is there construction nearby?
-Is your roof really old?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you may have to clean your gutters more frequently than twice a year. We are always open for a free consultation, give us a call.

Remember that it’s cheaper to maintain your eavestroughs than to repair them, so call your favorite gutter cleaning company and schedule their visit.

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How to pick a quality gutter cleaning company in Calgary

5. WHERE do we work?
Gutter cleaners near me

We service all Calgary neighbourhoods in all four city quadrants (North West, North East, South West, South East) and some nearby towns. In the event that we work in your area, we’ll offer 10% off to get your eavestroughs done that day. It’ll save us some time on travel and pack/unpack action, so we offer you to save some more cash.

Is gutter cleaning even worth it? Yes, it absolutely does. Or you can decide for yourself by waiting until your gutter or downspouts get clogged and watching for consequences. What are the horror stories that we’ve seen because of neglected gutters and downspouts? We’ve spotted moldy roofs, walls, basements, rotted and disintegrated structures, decayed and fallen-off structures, eroded landscaping, pests, and their nests.

Calgary tower gutter cleaning

Calgary NW • Calgary NE • Calgary SW • Downtown core • Calgary SE
Airdrie AB • Chestermere AB

We are proud to offer our services in the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of Calgary. We are city-wide. From the historic Altadore and Bankview to the bustling Bel-Aire and Britannia, we have you covered.
Is your property within the Calgary city limits? If ‘yes’, we’ve worked in your neighbourhood, and we’ll be happy to offer our services again

Calgary’s communities where we clean gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts:

Calgary NE
Abbeydale, Bridgeland, Crescent Heights, Mayland, Renfrew, Tuxedo, Winston Heights – Mountview, Coventry Hills, Harvest Hills, Thorncliffe, Highland Park, Temple, Whitehorn, Saddle Ridge, Skyview Ranch, Falconridge, Taradale, Applewood Park, Marlborough, Forest Lawn, Southview, Pineridge, Monterey Park, Sunridge, Vista Heights.

Calgary NW
Banff Trail, Bowness, Crescent Heights, Capitol Hill, Hillhurst, Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, Montgomery, Mount Pleasant, Parkdale, Point Mckay, Rosedale, Rosemont, St. Andrews Heights, Sunnyside, University Heights, University of Calgary, West Hillhurst, Panorama Hills, Country Hills, Beddington Heights, Brentwood, Evanston, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, Simons Valley, Edgemont, Ranchlands, Dalhousie, Silver Springs, Crowfoot, Hawkwood, Hidden Valley, Hamptons, Huntington Hills, Citadel, Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge, Arbour Lake, Tuscany, Scenic Acres, Valley Ridge, Crestmont, Cougar Ridge,

Calgary SW & Downtown
Acadia, Altadore, Aspen Woods, Bankview, Bel-Aire, Beltline, Britannia, Bridlewood, Canyon Meadows, Chinatown, Cliff Bungalow, Connaught (district in Beltline), Currie Barracks, Elbow Park, Elboya, Erlton, Garrison Green, Garrison Woods, Glamorgan, Glenbrook, Glendale, Haysboro, Killarney / Glengarry, Kingsland, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Lower Mount Royal, Manchester, Mayfair, Meadowlark Park, Millrise, Mission, North Glenmore Park, Oakridge, Palliser, Parkhill/Stanley Park, Patterson, Pump Hill, Richmond, Rideau Park, Rosscarrock, Roxboro, Rutland Park, Scarboro, Scarboro / Sunalta West, Shaganappi, Shawnee Slopes, Shawnessy, Signal Hill, Silverado, South Calgary, Southwood, Springbank Hill, Spruce Cliff, Strathcona Park, Sunalta, Upper Mount Royal, Westgate, West Springs, Wildwood, Woodbine, Woodlands.

Calgary SE
Albert Park / Radisson Heights, Alyth / Bonny Brook, Burns Industrial, Dover, Deer Ridge, McKenzie Towne, Mckenzie Lake, Copperfield, Quarry Park, Erin Woods, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn, Highfield Industrial, Inglewood, Manchester Industrial, Manchester, Ogden Shops, Ogden, Ramsay, Southview, Victoria Park (district in Beltline), Legacy, Sundance, Midnapore, Auburn Bay, Seton, Mahogany, Acadia, Bonavista Downs, Cranston, Deer Run, Douglasdale/Glen, Downtown East Village, Fairview, Lake Bonavista, Maple Ridge, New Brighton, Parkland, Penbrooke Meadows, Queensland, Red Carpet, Riverbend, Walden, Willow Park, Windsor Park.

We strive to provide the best services to our customers in all these neighborhoods. Give us a try.

free gutter window cleaning quote calgary

6. Other pro home services we offer

calgary gutter cleaning window washing pressure washer

In addition to quality downspout & eavestrough cleaning, we can be your one cost-effective pit-stop for Siding washing, Window & Solar panels cleaning, and Pressure washing. Get your quote today. Even if you are on a tight budget, we have low-cost options for your exterior house cleaning, shoot us a message.

Would you like to see more photos of our work? CLICK HERE