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Although we are a leading gutter cleaning company in Calgary now, we started as window washers. Throughout the years we earned broad experience in both residential and commercial window cleaning from high-rise swing stages and bosun-chair to water-fed poles. We offer FREE no-obligation estimates for CALGARY, Airdrie, and Chestermere.

Spotless Window Cleaning for Business- and Homeowners

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  • Affordable Exterior & Interior window cleaning.
  • Deck glass and skylight washing.
  • Window screen cleaning.
  • Solar panels washing.
  • SAME DAY service might be available.
  • Quick invoicing for landlords, property management, and businesses.
  • We are Eco-conscious: pet- plant- and eco-friendly.
  • Neighbour discount: convince your neighbour and get 10% off.
  • Special rates for BUNGALOWs.
  • SATISFACTION guarantee

16 years of residential & commercial window cleaning experience. Registered, WCB insured, and professionally trained. We are kids and dogs friendly, and respectful to your neighbours.

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Affordable Water-Fed Pole Window & Frame Washing Calgary:

Your exterior glass and frames will be carefully cleaned with a water-fed pole /brush, with no streaks guaranteed.

The water-fed pole system is a safe and efficient method for cleaning exterior windows. It involves using a telescopic carbon fiber wand with a brush and a supply of PURIFIED water that rinses away dirt and grime. This system is ideal for “no-ladder access” jobs, as the pole can safely reach up to 65 feet, which is 5-6 stories high.

The system has 5 filters with 3 stages of filtration. Advanced technology separates minerals and solids from water by reverse osmosis and deionization. As a result, after the washing, there is no residue or streaks left on the glass. The brush gently scrubs your window & frame surfaces which eliminates the need for using chemicals.

free gutter window cleaning quote calgary

The Advantage of Water-Fed Pole

– No chemicals used,
– No need for ladders,
– Frame cleaning included,
– Safe and efficient.

Cost-Effective Squeegee & Ladder Window Cleaning Calgary:

Everyone can do it with modern equipment today, right?

How about the old-school way? Just like a hundred years ago, a window cleaner in London UK did it.

Yes, we can do that too. We use extension ladders (from 16ft to 40ft). We work with squeegees and poles. We use soapy water, just like when you clean your dishes. We’ve been doing it for many years now, so your interior and exterior glass and windows will be streaks-free.

free gutter window cleaning quote calgary

The Advantage of Squeegee Method

– Very little water consumption,
– Windows & walls are dry after complition,
– No power equipment noise,
– Close up with every single window.

Economical Window Cleaning Pricing for Residential

Window cleaning costs can vary depending on several factors.
The size and number of windows, the type of windows (e.g., standard, French, or skylights), and the level of difficulty in accessing them can all impact the cost. Additionally, the frequency of service, such as one-time or regular maintenance, may also affect the price. Some window cleaning companies may charge per window or by square footage, while others may offer package deals or hourly rates. It is important to consider the quality of service and the reputation of the company when comparing pricing options. Ultimately, window cleaning pricing should reflect the level of expertise, efficiency, and customer satisfaction that the company provides.

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free gutter window cleaning quote calgary