Add-On Services for Gutter Cleaning in Calgary

Please make a request (prior to the job) for these services individually. Please don’t assume that we’ll do something only because we see a necessity for it.

#Add-On Services
1.Cleaning gutters on a detached garage, shed, or green house
2.Bird nest removal <detailes>
3.Cleaning downspout extensions
4.Blowing or cleaning roof <detailes>
5.Wiping, washing, or rinsing gutters on the inside or outside (the Cosmetic Clean) <detailes>
6.Post-construction clean <detailes>
7.Cleaning underneath any GUTTER GUARDS or covers <detailes>
8.Debris removal from site
9.Trimming branches above gutters <detailes>
10.Work on tiled or slate roofs
11.Checking that downspout screws are tightened & gutter spikes are pushed in <detailes>
12.Re-attaching downspouts <detailes>
14.Repairs, including leaky corners
15.Cleaning pigeon (or other birds or animals) feces

2. Bird nest removal:

The budget cleaning package doesn’t include nest removal anymore. Normally, we charge $49 – $149 per nest.
If you purchase Value or Premium cleaning packages, we’ll remove bird nest(s) WITHIN THE BUILDINGS that we are getting done, with no additional charges. Unless we have to take something apart (soffit, dryer’s vent, etc). If the nest is in a tree but safely reachable from the buildings, we can remove it too. The nest can’t have eggs or little birds in it (bylaw regulations). In addition, we can’t disturb endangered birds in any way (bylaw regulations). We don’t just remove any nests that we see, you have to make a request for that (prior to the job).
Please note: 1 big nest or 2 small nests per job only. Please note: Insects’ and animals’ nests are not included in this offer.

nest removal calgary

4. Blowing or cleaning roof:

roof cleaning calgary

5. Wiping or rinsing gutters on the inside or outside (the Cosmetic Clean):

Our primary focus is gutter cleaning (not washing). Specifically, it’s the removal of debris, clogs, and obstructions to ensure proper water flow. Think about it this way: you need a paved road to get home, and it doesn’t really matter if the pavement is not washed, as long as there are no traffic jams, you’ll get home. We will remove all the ‘traffic jams’ on your road.
While we can also provide services such as rinsing, washing, or wiping upon request, please note that these additional cosmetic services are not part of our standard cleaning package. Yes, we can make your gutters shiny on the inside or outside but we have to charge for it.

rinsing gutters

6. Post-construction clean:

Post-Construction Clean is needed when roofers didn’t clean old roof remains, nails, and shingle granules from eavestoughs. A good roofing company usually includes gutter cleaning in their package. However, sometimes it’s an add-on service, which you have to inquire about. Even if your current roof has been there for a while, it doesn’t mean that the gutters were cleaned properly after the construction.

post construction gutter cleaning

7. Cleaning underneath any gutter guards or covers:

Cleaning gutters with gutter guards installed will cost more due to the added labor and time required for cleaning, the complexity of cleaning trapped debris, increased safety measures and equipment, the need for specific maintenance knowledge, and the potential voiding of guard warranties without proper upkeep. The costs can vary based on factors such as guard type, property size, location, and service provider choice. While the gutter guards (or covers) reduce cleaning frequency, regular maintenance remains essential for optimal system functionality but will cost more in this situation.

gutter cover cleaning calgary

9. Trimming branches above gutters:

One of the best things you can do for your gutters is to trim branches above them. We can help with that.

However, we are not professional arborists, so we don’t have the equipment for branch disposal on the spot. If they don’t fit in your green bin, we’ll dispose of them for a fee, or leave them by your garbage area. In addition, we are limited by our reach, so we can only trim branches of a certain height and thickness (safely reachable from the ground or roof).

trim branches gutter cleaning

11. Checking screws & gutter spikes:

We will visually check downspout screws & gutter spikes. We will adjust those that need attention and are safely accessible.

gutter spikes

12. Re-attaching downspouts:

reattaching downspout calgary