HOW do we clean eavestroughs on your house: 6 easy steps


Gutter Cleaning on a Budget follows this routine:

  • Perform a roof and edges ASSESSMENT: what’s safe, what is not, what needs attention.
  • Take pictures of any deficiency.
  • Vacuum, scoop out, or blow everything from the GUTTERS (eavestroughs).
  • Check for any obstruction for the flow to get into DOWNSPOUTs.
  • Check all downspouts for drainage, take them apart and clean, if they appear CLOGGED.
  • Take ‘the after’ pictures to present to the client.

We are always kids and dogs friendly, and respectful to your neighbours. Call us to schedule your next appointment 587-966-4161.

Here is a video tutorial if you decide to get it done on your own:

Why hire ‘Gutter Cleaning on a Budget’ for your eavestrough cleaning needs?

A small but dedicated family business. We are in the TOP THREE gutter cleaning companies in our beautiful city, and #1 by volume of eavestrough cleaning jobs in Calgary. Thank you, YYC. We’ve been working hard to achieve and sustain this status. We guarantee that your gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts will have no clogs after our appointment. Plus, we can double the lifespan of your gutters.

Wonder if you can trust us?
Over the years, we helped CEOs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT-specialists, tradesmen, and even some local celebrities. We helped single moms, retirees, new homeowners, and a lot of other people who are not comfortable with heights or don’t have enough knowledge of rain gutter systems. That means you won’t be among the first hundred customers that trusted us, but we are very happy to work for you anyway 🙂