Gutter cleaning cost and prices in Calgary 2023

What we consider when we price a gutter cleaning job:

gutter cleaning price cost calgary

We can list it since you asked, but if it looks too complicated, just let us handle it.
-Gutters height at the highest point.
-Are there subroofs?
-Size of the home/ building.
-Do your downspouts have extensions?
-How safe and accessible are your roof and gutters.
-Gutter access: trees and bushes, landscaping, grade changes
-Your roof is too steep to walk on it, so we have to work from a ladder and move it every 5 ft.
-Your gutters have leaf covers. In order to clean your eavestroughs properly, we have to take the covers off, clean the gutters, and put the covers back on.
-Is there a walk-out. That means we have to use a taller ladder and work at a greater height.
-Your roof is covered with concrete or wood tiles. Most of the time we can’t walk on those and we have to work from a ladder and move it every 5 ft along the gutter.
-You have a lot of trees above your roof, which means most of the gutters will be packed with leaves and twigs, and downspouts will be clogged.
-Did you skip a year or two on gutter cleaning? Your eavestroughs will need more attention and more vigorous work.

What am I paying for?

You are paying for eavestrough and downspout cleaning. Typical services clean your gutters of leaves, insects, nests, sticks, and other obstructions. Once the gutters are clean, we flush downspouts to ensure that they are fully functional too. In some jobs, additional services can be tacked onto the service.

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Gutter cleaning price list for Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere 2023

How to estimate gutter cleaning

Different businesses use different pricing systems.

1) The Story /Foot Pricing System. Traditionally, many gutter cleaning companies use a standard calculation that factors in the height and length of the gutter in order to calculate the final cost. For example, a company might structure their gutter cleaning prices by charging $1 per foot on single-story buildings, and $2 per foot on two-story buildings. This model of linear foot pricing is different than the square footage formula used by other businesses and could save money for homes with big deck and patio extensions.

2) The Square Footage Formula. The name is rather self-explanatory, but deciding on whether this is a good pricing structure can be tricky. If a large portion of your home’s square footage is comprised of deck, patio, and other gutter-free features, you may be better off with a linear gutter calculation.

3) Combinatorial system. The one that we use. It takes into account all of the conditions of your gutter system, so you don’t pay extra in any situation.

Below are average national GUTTER CLEANING PRICES from [2022]

Home SizeAverage Costs
1-story home$75 – $150
2-story home$100 – $250
3-story home$140 – $350

Unfortunately, here we can not provide an accurate price list for every house in Calgary. We have to assess every property individually, so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay the bill.

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